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Partnership Forum

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The Western Australian Partnership Forum brings together leaders from State Government agencies and the not-for-profit community sector, and consumer advocates, to improve outcomes for all Western Australians.

Since its inception in 2010, the Partnership Forum has been working to fundamentally change the relationship between the public and    not-for-profit community sectors. The Forum's goal is to create a strong and genuine partnership built on respect and a shared responsibility to improve the policy, planning, design and delivery of community services in Western Australia.

The Partnership Forum has adopted a set of principles and behaviors to govern and facilitate the partnership between the public and 
not-for-profit community sectors. Some of the important elements of the partnership are a collaborative approach, interdependence, mutual respect, trust and recognising the value and contribution of both sectors.

The Partnership Forum hosted the 'State of the Partnership' Community Event on Friday 4 March 2016 to showcase, celebrate and explore the challenges of working in partnership using examples from the community services sector. Please visit the Events page of the Patnership Forum website for further information about the Community Event.

For queries regarding the Partnership Forum, please contact the Secretariat at